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ASP Hydrous Kaolin for Thermal Paper Applications

BASF Kaolin’s portfolio provides papermakers with a range of solutions for the thermal paper market. We offer several different hydrous kaolins exclusively for the thermal market, in a variety of particle sizes and brightnesses.

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ASP® 170 Extender In Colored Water-Reducible Industrial Enamels

BASF's fine particle size extenders are used extensively in water-reducible industrial coatings where TiO2 is the sole prime pigment. Even greater savings are possible by using BASF's kaolins in colored water-reducible coatings without sacrificing color quality.

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ASP® 170 Multiple Pigment Extender

ASP® 170 is a fine particle size, high brightness extender offering excellent dispersion and coatings performance in a wide range of resins and coating systems. Its unique extender properties suggest that it should be particularly valuable as an extender for high cost colorant in industrial coatings.

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ASP® 400P, 600 and 900P Kaolin Functional Fillers for Pultrusion

Pultrusion is a process for processing plastic materials that is similar to extrusion. Both yield continuous profiles by forcing material through dies configured to the desired profiles.

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ASP® G90 and ASP® G92 High Gloss Kaolins

BASF is a recognized leader in the development and manufacture of high quality mineral products for the paint and coatings industry. Our surface and materials science expertise has led to the development of a family of products that improve performance and lower cost.

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BASF Kaolin as a TiO2 Extender in Gel Coats

Using BASF Kaolin in a common solution for partially replacing titanium dioxide while simultaneously improving the performance and appearance of gel coats

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BASF Kaolin Extenders for Coatings and Inks

In addition to being the world's leading chemical company, BASF is also a world-leader in surface and materials science and a foremost supplier of high-value performance materials for more than a century.

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BASF Kaolin for TiO2 Extension in Roof Coatings

BASF Kaolin is an ideal TiO2 extender that provides high brightness and whiteness in elastomeric roof coatings while simultaneously helping to reduce TiO2 levels by up to 20%.

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Calcined Kaolin for Architectural Coatings

The Mattex, Satintone and Ultrex product families from BASF Kaolin help formulators to simplify formulations and manage cost reductions without compromising paint quality.

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Hydrous Kaolin in Tire Applications

Benefits of using highly delaminated grades of hydrous kaolin in tire inner lining include: improved air permeability resistance, improved tear and puncture resistance, reduced chemical degradation of the tire, increased tire durability and decreased tire weight by reducing gauge of inner lining.

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Mattex® PRO 2 Page Brochure

Mattex PRO High Performance Extender. Brochure compares Contrast Ratio and Tint Strength Improvement using Mattex PRO versus standard titanium dioxide

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Mattex® PRO 4 Page Brochure

High Performance Extender for Improved Scrub and Burnish

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MetaMax® High Reactivity Metakaolin for Concrete

BASF MetaMax® High Reactivity Metakaolin (HRM) is an ultrafine pozzolan that enhances the strength, durability, and workability of portland cement concrete and cement-based products. Unlike most highly reactive pozzolanic materials, MetaMax® HRM is a bright white powder.

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Performance Materials Reinforcements for Plastics & Rubber

In plastics, ASP®, SATINTONE® and TRANSLINK® specialty aluminum silicates provide many features, including excellent reinforcement, electrical insulative properties, TiO2 extension and improved polymer processability.

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Satintone® LE Extender for Medium Voltage Cable Applications

Satintone® LE is a specialty calcined kaolin, specifically designed for use in wire and cable applications. It was engineered with the intent to be used in medium voltage EPDM cable applications with an appropriate level of silane in the formulation. Satintone LE is highly pulverized for ease of dispersion.

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Satintone® SP33 Specialty Aluminum Silicate For PVC Wire & Cable Applications

Satintone® SP33 is derived from a high purity, water-washed hydrous kaolin, calcined to impart excellent insulating properties in PVC compounds. It is highly pulverized to provide excellent dispersion in polymeric compounds. Water-washed kaolin feed results in low residue, low soluble salts, and consistent quality.

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Translink® 37 and 77 Surface-Treated Aluminum Silicates for Wire and Cable

The quality and durability of the cable insulation directly affects the performance and dependability of the cable products. BASF has developed Translink 37 and Translink 77 surface-treated mineral reinforcements for optimum electrical and physical performance - even at high stress with elevated moisture and temperature levels - for the electric cable insulation industry.

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Translink® 445 and 555 Surface-Treated Aluminum Silicates for Polyamides

Surface-modified calcined kaolin is a widely used mineral in nylon to provide an optimal balance of impact resistance, tensile strength and stiffness, as well as dimensional stability. Formulating nylon with BASF's Translink 445 and Translink 555 reinforcements allows compounders to achieve a balance of performance characteristics that are difficult to obtain with unfilled systems or with other mineral reinforcements.

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BASF Kaolin's MetaMax provides concrete with strength, durability and resitance to chemical attack.

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