Dear Trusted Partners,


We are a global, dynamic organization operating with high intensity and singular focus: Success! We need tools that make our work more efficient and effective.


Your BASF Kaolin team recently launched the new website. At that time, we said that it would serve to "spur collaboration and spread kaolin knowledge". We are pleased and very proud to announce the launch of an interactive portal designed exclusively for you, our Channel Partners.


The idea for the portal was born at a gathering with many of our Asian partners at ChinaCoat in Nov. 2012. We realized during the discussions that by uniting our combined knowledge, experience and creativity we can tap the full potential of our numbers, our diversity and our talent.


The portal enables us not only to share important information with you, but it also enables you to share information with us and each other!! You all serve the same market segments, but do so in disparate countries and regions of the world. So, you share many common challenges. Why not share your ideas and solutions? You will all benefit greatly by 'drawing from the well' of your collective wisdom and so will your business.


We certainly hope that you find the portal useful and we welcome your suggestions for improvement and content.


Thank You and Happy Networking!
- Shane


Shane Porzio
Vice President, Global Kaolin Business Management


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