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Kaolin is derived from the mineral Kaolinite which comes from the Earth's crust. It is an aluminum silicate represented as Al2O3-2SiO2-2H2O. Kaolin products can be used in a wide variety of applications like architectural and industrial coatings, construction, rubbers, plastics, packaging and papers.


Coatings and Paint

Kaolin improves performance, lower costs and increase efficiency of products and processes in the coatings and ink industries. For example, we can provide excellent titanium dioxide extension, brighter colors, increased gloss control, dispersion, stain resistance and enamel holdout, and our calcined grades are known for good hiding, tint strength and scrub resistance in paints.


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Wire & cable

BASF's calcined and surface treated kaolins help improve both the electrical and physical performance of cable. This helps save electricity while maximizing the cable's lifespan.


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Plastic & rubber

Kaolin is used in plastics and rubber to enhance strength and increase hydrophobicity. It also works as a titanium dioxide extender, which means less of the expensive additive is needed ot yield sharper colors.


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MetaMax® is a highly reactive metakaolin product that exhibits pozzolanic properties, which leads to the increased strength in concrete and cement-based products.


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Kaolin is used in a variety of agricultural applications including seed coatings and pesticide formulations.


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Thermal Paper

Thermal papermakers worldwide recognize BASF's Ansilex® as a leader in the calcined kaolin market. From point-of-sale (POS) receipts to lottery tickets and labels, the applications for thermal paper continue to grow.


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Calcined Kaolin for Paper

Paper manufacturers around the world rely on BASF kaolin-based coating and filler pigment solutions, ones that improve their products and lower production costs.


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BASF Kaolin's MetaMax provides concrete with strength, durability and resitance to chemical attack.

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