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The versatility, dispersion and overall finish make MetaMax ideal for a variety of applications, including architectural white or colored concrete, precast or cast-in-place concrete, spray-applied concrete, swimming pool plaster, as well as stucco, mortars and grouts.


MetaMax is a highly reactive metakaolin product that exhibits pozzolanic properties, which leads to the increased strength in concrete and cement-based products.


Available worldwide, MetaMax high reactivity metakaolin is water processed to enhance brightness, remove inert impurities and control particle size distribution. The result is an almost 100% reactive white powder that, unlike other pozzolan materials, is superior as a replacement or additive to improve compressive early and fully-cured strength of concrete.


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BASF Kaolin's MetaMax provides concrete with strength, durability and resitance to chemical attack.

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