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Performance that's worth the paper it's printed on.


Paper manufacturers around the world rely on BASF kaolin-based coating and filler pigment solutions, ones that improve their products and lower production costs.


Our additives are used to improve a number of characteristics, such as opacity, brightness, ink receptivity and printability, as well as to enhance paper processing efficiency.


And finally, we work to ensure mills gain the most benefit from our pigments, from help in finding the right grade, to offering specialized testing, to evaluating coating formulations in the mill.


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American Institute of Architecture (AIA) CEU Course

Improving Concrete Durability and Aesthetics with High Reactivity Metakaolin

This course provides content on how High Reactivity Metakaolin can improve concrete strength, workability, durability, sustainability, and aesthetics.


Sponsored by BASF Kaolin


Credit: 1 AIA LU


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